Life is like that……..

Life is like that……..

We born somewhere

brought up somewhere

educated somewhere

highly educated somewhere

working somewhere

married somewhere

living somewhere

and finally

buried somewhere.

Life is like that……..


A beautiful SMS

Past is


present is


Future is


Use your Experience

in your Experiment,

to achive your


Reality Show

Now a days when we click on remote control of TV we can see any program me of reality show running there.  Almost every channel is showing at least one reality show. I don’t if any one used to watch these programs. I think TV channel should before starting any reality show should get its survey done. so money can not be wasted on the show. Now-a-days a show “perfect bride” is running. I think big show of Big Boss-3 is being stated shortly.

Have we thought about the real reality show we are playing everyday. No no one thought about it. Actually the life we are living is also a reality show. There The God is our Big Boss who indirectly control our daily living activities. We can only do what he wants from us. He only decides when we should come on the stage of the earth and when we must go back behind the stage. Realy He is Great. The Great Boss of all of us.