Life is like a novel……

Life is like a novel

God is writer of this novel.

We are the actors

Acting as per the Writer’s prose

Written by Him in his Novel

Separately for each of us

Yes, He wrote a separate Novel for each of us

It contains separate story

We also can be writer

We also can write a novel

But there is a difference in both the novels

We can read each and every page

Of the novel written by a writer out of us

No one is able to read the pages of Novel written by Him

We have to watch and see what is written by Him

In the Novel written by Him for us

We have to live life as written by Him


Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2011 !

This is greeting created by me and my poem written on a photograph taken by me.

Life is like that……..

Life is like that……..

We born somewhere

brought up somewhere

educated somewhere

highly educated somewhere

working somewhere

married somewhere

living somewhere

and finally

buried somewhere.

Life is like that……..

Since I…………..


I took birth,

on this earth,

I haven’t got a berth

on this earth.

I am fascinated

to get berth

on this earth

Now I realize

I could not get berth

on this earth


Thanks god for giving us a mother,

who sacrifices every moment of her life for her children,

Mother and the children.

who likes her children to live happy life,

who likes her children to live joyful life.

Thanks God you gave us such a kind mother,

who gave birth to us in this beautiful world,

who makes us able to see

the colors of flowers,

the beautiful moon and  the stars in the sky,

the beautiful face of our mother, and

who makes us able to feel the fragrance of the flowers.

Thanks God,

Thanks a lot.


A banyan tree

spreads itself widely

suck water from deep soil

spreads roots

to keep itself live

for hundreds of years

stands in all season without

any trouble

even if its rain, summer or winter

for what

for protecting men from sunlight

for protecting men from heavy rain

for protecting earth soil to wash out

due to heavy rain

for protecting others

How the banyan tree sacrifices its life

for hundreds of years

for others

What a sacrifice!!!

Big Sacrifice

The Eyes

The eyes are not simply organ of the body.

The eyes are mirror for the lovers.

A lover sees his/her image in the eyes of the partner.

The eyes are media of expressions for  an actor/ actress.

They can express their thoughts by expressions of their eyes.

The eyes are the world for a blind man.

Yes the eyes are most valuable organs in view of a blind.

Its more than a diamond for him.

But for a normal human eyes are simply an organ/ a part of the body.

Friend its not fact, Eyes are valuable and

hence take care of

and donate eyes for those

who do not see, which are called  the blind



every night we used to

candle light dinner

because we love each other,

have you ever

thought about that


who is giving us

light without any trouble

every night

during our candle light dinner,

till we sit there

and it has life

have you thought that

it is sacrificing its life

for our love.


have you ever imagined about

the people

who sacrifice their life

for others like this candle.

Come on dear

today we will

sacrifice our dinner

for the people

who are hungry

who are thirsty

we will pray for their

happy life

without hunger and thirst.

Oh Man

Oh man

behave like a human,

and help those who are in need

remember that

” a friend in-need is a friend indeed”.

Oh man,

become a human

not a he-man and

don’t try

to destroy

the nature and human being

created by his almighty

The God.

Oh man

become a human


not a he-man and

surrender to the God

who forgive his children,

human or he-man


he-man tries

to correct himself and

become a human

a good man.

The Moments of My Life

My life

is fully covered

by white fog,

the dark white fog of the moments

of my life;

the sad moments,

the moments

I lived with you.

Now I feel

all pages of

my life

have become white

and the

ink used by The Writer

of my life

also became white.


no one

can read

the moments of my life

written by Him.


He is using

White ink to write

The Moments of My Life.