My future mobile!!!

Now-a-days mobile is must to possess device. Without it I don’t think even God can survive. Ha ha ha!!! I dream to have a mobile having a special feature. Whatever the pics stored therein can be viewed on bigger screen, so that I need not carry a bulky projector for any conference. I mean to say my mobile should have feature of projection of images. besides images I must be able to see videos through mobile on bigger screen.

Many marketing executives might be facing the problem of language in our country. So I imagine a mobile which can translate the incoming voice into my language online. I mean to say if a person talking to me is suppose Gujarati; when speaks  in his own language,  I must listen it in my language i.e my mother tongue. and vice versa when I replied  in my language he must be able to listen the translation into his language.



Friends, we all know that Tha God is creator of the whole world, all human beings, trees, animals everything. How busy might be for creating unlimited people every moment. How can He differentiate in faces of human. I think that’s why there might be similarities in people even if they are living far away on earth.

There may be possibility that at least one person may be having similar face as of mine. I am putting my photograph here. If anyone of you are looking similar to me or any friend of you may be similar to me please comment here and if possible send his photograph.

I am sure there may be someone.

It’s ME

Life is The Life

I dreamed a dream yesterday night,
I saw I had been to a deep forest,
I saw myself alone sitting under a huge tree,
I saw myself thinking, thinking and thinking,
After deep thinking I realized that
Life is The Life,
Life is Precious,
Life is Valuable,
Hence we must live life
As how He want us to live on His Earth,
We must leave only when He want us to leave,
After realisation
I came back to the real life to Live
and not to Leave
And suddenly I woke up and found myself in my real life in my home,


During my childhood I remember I saw a scientific dream. Its theme is such that there is one mirror placed in the space by scientists. The purpose of it is ther should not happen any night on our planet earth. This is for avoiding darkness and saving energy which is used maximum during night hours.  We all know that on one side of earth there is day time at the same time there is night hours on the other side. Hence the unique mirror  is so located in the space, it should change direction.

I will miss you

During last night

I was sitting in the garden

When I looked in the sky

I saw your image

in the stars.

And I realised that

I still cought not forget you

I missed you a lot

Your image is still

hiden in my heart

I am sorry but

I am unable to forget

and forgive you

The whole life

I will miss you.