Wrong Number!!

Everybody of us enjoying wrong number. When we are free and in mood we enjoy it. But when busy or not in mood?

Recently we received phone in our home. immediately after installation we started receiving one particular call.

‘ Hallow , is Mr. ……….’

‘No wrong No.’ I replied.

Once my better half told me that she received a call saying’ Is it ……….store.’ I told her’ You should have replied in such a way that ‘What you want? Order the material.’

Next time I received such call.’Hallow!’

‘Yes’ I replied politely.

‘……….bhai. Please immediately send me one basket of toilet cleaner.’ He said.

‘OK. i will send it within 5 minutes when my worker arrived.’ I said.

‘ What? Bhai my customer is waiting here on my shop.’

‘Then what? what can I do?’ I.

‘Who is speaking?’ He asked me and I immediately put the handle on cradle.

Few days back I got one call on my mobile. One smart lady ( I guess it based on her voice) asked me’ Which hotel is it?’

I was surprised. I asked,” pardon me please.”

” Is it Goa’ Hotel?” What could I say. I replied.”Wrong No.”



Friends, we all know that Tha God is creator of the whole world, all human beings, trees, animals everything. How busy might be for creating unlimited people every moment. How can He differentiate in faces of human. I think that’s why there might be similarities in people even if they are living far away on earth.

There may be possibility that at least one person may be having similar face as of mine. I am putting my photograph here. If anyone of you are looking similar to me or any friend of you may be similar to me please comment here and if possible send his photograph.

I am sure there may be someone.

It’s ME

Fun Time

Friends  we made ourselves a human machine. Yes at least I feel it. Everyday morning this machine starts working and stops only at bed time. No fun, no laughing, no talking only work work and work. That’s the reason some people have started laughing club.

So I brought some laughing time for you. Have fun and laugh.

Please don't forget to search me!!!

What can I do? I don't find any space for parking!!!

If I would have got it during my right time!!!

Don't call us children!!!

Sorry, I don't have time to go for it!!!

It must have been done by woman driver!!!

Please check me too!!!

Future Buildings

Friends the population on the earth is day by day increasing. One day it will happen that there will not be any space to live and to walk on this earth. It think thats why our scientist are searching space for us on any other planet in this universe.

Anyway but now future building will be live one. They will not be standstill. They can rotate and we feel the aliveness. you just see the video I found on you tube. Enjoy it cause don’t what will happen in future.

The Moments of My Life

My life

is fully covered

by white fog,

the dark white fog of the moments

of my life;

the sad moments,

the moments

I lived with you.

Now I feel

all pages of

my life

have become white

and the

ink used by The Writer

of my life

also became white.


no one

can read

the moments of my life

written by Him.


He is using

White ink to write

The Moments of My Life.

I and The Life

I always  think about me

What am I ?

I also  think about my life

What is it?

But I never get the answer,

What for I am here

on this beautiful earth?

I never get the answer,

What  for the life is given to me

by The Kind God?

Even though I am confused

I am enjoying life

On this earth, the beautiful earth

Created by the God

The almighty.