Friends, about 50% of the earth land was earlier covered with forest containing various trees huge and small ones. Now-a-days it is reduced to about 9.4% (according to Wikipedia). We must now at least think over it and save forest and save trees.

Thanks to Google Image.


Volcano Eruption in Iceland.

Since last about one month a volcano which is sleeping since last about 200 years is now awakened and whole world came under surprise. Almost all flights going to European countries and passing over them have stopped on their  position. The world is facing problem of plane parking. I think this might be the first event in the world. No one might have thought about such situation. Anyway. One  most surprising thing is that this Volcano erupted in Iceland, the land of Ice which is so cold. I can’t imagine what has happened to the ice surrounding the volcano eruption land. It might have melted and merged into sea. This might increase the sea level.

I got photographs of this volcano from site. I can’t understand what fun is there in Volcano Eruption. The heading of the article is  “Volcano in Iceland – Amazing Photos!” This heading is also surprising to me. How can one say that those  are amazing photographs.

Anyway enjoy these photographs of volcano.

Global Warming

Everybody knows that now-a-days the most hot issue of discussion all over the world is Global Warming. Temperature of the earth is increasing as per scientist of the world. Almost Every fortnight conference is being held in any corner of the world. Some days ago  Maldiv arranged a conference of ministers under the sea. It was to attract the attention of the world towards their land of Maldiv. I don’t know any body had attracted toward the news. I don’t know whether anybody had taken any lesson from that news.

Today another news flashes  on the news channel. The ministry of Nepal arranged conference at Everest in Himalaya. It was because their country is at high altitude. Ultimately the porpuse of both these incidence are saving our beautiful earth, a gift given by his almighty. I think now the people of the world may wake up and start deep thinking on this issue of global warming and not only start thinking but act on it.

I pray the god for it.