Life is like a novel

Life is like a novel

God is writer of this novel.

We are the actors

Acting as per the Writer’s prose

Written by Him in his Novel

Separately for each of us

Yes, He wrote a separate Novel for each of us

It contains separate story

We also can be writer

We also can write a novel

But there is a difference in both the novels

We can read each and every page

Of the novel written by a writer out of us

No one is able to read the pages of Novel written by Him

We have to watch and see what is written by Him

In the Novel written by Him for us

We have to live life as written by Him

Kindness cost nothing.

Today  I got a message on my mobile from one of my friend. Its Very Important Message and hence I like to share it here. The message is given below:

If you are alone and suddenly get chest pain that radiates to your left arm up to your jaw, then It may be HEART ATTACK. If no one to help & hospitals is far, then don’t wait, you help yourself– Cough repeatedly & vigorously — Take deep breath before every cough. Deep breath gets oxygen to lungs – coughing keeps blood circulation alive.

Please forward this message as much people as you can. Who knows one day your message will save some one’s life… Kindness cost nothing.

I don’t know whether the instructions given here are correct in view of health of a heart attacked person, but I must thank my friend who sent such an important message to save life of others, the friend who cares for others. I don’t know whether a heart attacked person can cough repeatedly because coughing requires energy which he may not have at that time. however, deep breathing is the best solution in my personal opinion.

Whenever I feel uneasiness I used to breath deeply or do ” Kapalbhati”. Immediately I start feeling well. As per my experience whenever, we are lonely we feel uneasiness it is because of fear. We must involve ourselves in some activities at that time such as listening songs we most like or playing games on PC or chatting with friends  or other such activities.

If you have got some experience like this please don’t forget to share it with others. Write here as comments.

Because Kindness Cost Nothing.



Friends, about 50% of the earth land was earlier covered with forest containing various trees huge and small ones. Now-a-days it is reduced to about 9.4% (according to Wikipedia). We must now at least think over it and save forest and save trees.

Thanks to Google Image.

Never be………

Always be the reason of someone’s  happiness.

Never be just a part of it.

Be a part of someone’s sadness.

But never be the reason for it.

Sacrifice- 2

A banyan tree

spreads itself widely

suck water from deep soil

spreads roots

to keep itself live

for hundreds of years

stands in all season without

any trouble

even if its rain, summer or winter

for what

for protecting men from sunlight

for protecting men from heavy rain

for protecting earth soil to wash out

due to heavy rain

for protecting others

How the banyan tree sacrifices its life

for hundreds of years

for others

What a sacrifice!!!

Big Sacrifice

An excellent Message.

A bird sitting on a tree isn’t afraid of the branch breaking or shaking, because the Bird trust NOT the branches but its OWN WINGS! Believe in yourself & get ready to fly

Bird_on_a_Cherry_Tree_Branch( Google Image)

The Eyes

The eyes are not simply organ of the body.

The eyes are mirror for the lovers.

A lover sees his/her image in the eyes of the partner.

The eyes are media of expressions for  an actor/ actress.

They can express their thoughts by expressions of their eyes.

The eyes are the world for a blind man.

Yes the eyes are most valuable organs in view of a blind.

Its more than a diamond for him.

But for a normal human eyes are simply an organ/ a part of the body.

Friend its not fact, Eyes are valuable and

hence take care of

and donate eyes for those

who do not see, which are called  the blind

A beautiful SMS

Past is


present is


Future is


Use your Experience

in your Experiment,

to achive your


Simple tips in life( A collection)

Have faith in the power of your body and soul.

I am possesing a personnel diary of the year 1994, wherein I found the day-to-day tips on life. The name of the writer is not mentioned therein. I must thank to the anonymous writer who wrote these tips.   I am reproducing them here below. Please read and give your  valuable response.

  1. Give less importance to smaller interests in comparision to bigger interests.
  2. One develops  fondness for the thing earned through hard work
  3. Never try to hide or weaken the truth.
  4. The success of every task depends, to a large extent, on discipline.
  5. Reform yourself  instead of others.
  6. The leaders should be selfless, dedicated and truthful.
  7. One should keep trying to overcome one’s weaknesses.
  8. Do not affix your signature on any paper before you have read it.
  9. Knowledge cannot be digested without destroying egoism.
  10. Man was born for rendering service.
  11. truth may be belatedly, always prevails.
  12. If you have to be harsh, be so to yourself, not to others.
  13. Sentiment and substance are more important than the form and the word.
  14. Hatred and jealously should be conquered by love.
  15. Never giveup truth; give up falsehood.
  16. The real beauty lies not in the ornaments, but in the qualities.
  17. Credibility is the basic condition of every work.
  18. Wealth is merely a means to benevolence.
  19. Be fearless.
  20. Natural wealth is the primary source, money is secondary.