Life is like that……..

Life is like that……..

We born somewhere

brought up somewhere

educated somewhere

highly educated somewhere

working somewhere

married somewhere

living somewhere

and finally

buried somewhere.

Life is like that……..


Since I…………..


I took birth,

on this earth,

I haven’t got a berth

on this earth.

I am fascinated

to get berth

on this earth

Now I realize

I could not get berth

on this earth

Kindness cost nothing….

Today  I got a message on my mobile from one of my friend. Its Very Important Message and hence I like to share it here. The message is given below:

If you are alone and suddenly get chest pain that radiates to your left arm up to your jaw, then It may be HEART ATTACK. If no one to help & hospitals is far, then don’t wait, you help yourself– Cough repeatedly & vigorously — Take deep breath before every cough. Deep breath gets oxygen to lungs – coughing keeps blood circulation alive.

Please forward this message as much people as you can. Who knows one day your message will save some one’s life… Kindness cost nothing.

I don’t know whether the instructions given here are correct in view of health of a heart attacked person, but I must thank my friend who sent such an important message to save life of others, the friend who cares for others. I don’t know whether a heart attacked person can cough repeatedly because coughing requires energy which he may not have at that time. however, deep breathing is the best solution in my personal opinion.

Whenever I feel uneasiness I used to breath deeply or do ” Kapalbhati”. Immediately I start feeling well. As per my experience whenever, we are lonely we feel uneasiness it is because of fear. We must involve ourselves in some activities at that time such as listening songs we most like or playing games on PC or chatting with friends  or other such activities.

If you have got some experience like this please don’t forget to share it with others. Write here as comments.

Because Kindness Cost Nothing.


Walking with sorrow and pleasure

I walked a mile with pleasure,

She chattered all the way

But left me none the wiser


For all she had to say.

I walked a mile with sorrow,

And never a word said she

But Oh ! The things I learned from her

When sorrow walked with me.