Fun Time

Friends  we made ourselves a human machine. Yes at least I feel it. Everyday morning this machine starts working and stops only at bed time. No fun, no laughing, no talking only work work and work. That’s the reason some people have started laughing club.

So I brought some laughing time for you. Have fun and laugh.

Please don't forget to search me!!!

What can I do? I don't find any space for parking!!!

If I would have got it during my right time!!!

Don't call us children!!!

Sorry, I don't have time to go for it!!!

It must have been done by woman driver!!!

Please check me too!!!

About Ravindra Koshti
I am an Electrical Engineer having experience of 32 years in service & retired from service recently. I like to write poems since my childhood. I used to write poems in Marathi my mother tounge and Hindi also.

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