Fun Time

Friends  we made ourselves a human machine. Yes at least I feel it. Everyday morning this machine starts working and stops only at bed time. No fun, no laughing, no talking only work work and work. That’s the reason some people have started laughing club.

So I brought some laughing time for you. Have fun and laugh.

Please don't forget to search me!!!

What can I do? I don't find any space for parking!!!

If I would have got it during my right time!!!

Don't call us children!!!

Sorry, I don't have time to go for it!!!

It must have been done by woman driver!!!

Please check me too!!!


Friends, about 50% of the earth land was earlier covered with forest containing various trees huge and small ones. Now-a-days it is reduced to about 9.4% (according to Wikipedia). We must now at least think over it and save forest and save trees.

Thanks to Google Image.

A message for all

Everything about the future is uncertain;

but one thing is certain

“God has already arranged  all our tomorrows,

we just have to trust Him today.”

( unknown)


Thanks god for giving us a mother,

who sacrifices every moment of her life for her children,

Mother and the children.

who likes her children to live happy life,

who likes her children to live joyful life.

Thanks God you gave us such a kind mother,

who gave birth to us in this beautiful world,

who makes us able to see

the colors of flowers,

the beautiful moon and  the stars in the sky,

the beautiful face of our mother, and

who makes us able to feel the fragrance of the flowers.

Thanks God,

Thanks a lot.