Volcano Eruption in Iceland.

Since last about one month a volcano which is sleeping since last about 200 years is now awakened and whole world came under surprise. Almost all flights going to European countries and passing over them have stopped on their  position. The world is facing problem of plane parking. I think this might be the first event in the world. No one might have thought about such situation. Anyway. One  most surprising thing is that this Volcano erupted in Iceland, the land of Ice which is so cold. I can’t imagine what has happened to the ice surrounding the volcano eruption land. It might have melted and merged into sea. This might increase the sea level.

I got photographs of this volcano from funonthenet.com site. I can’t understand what fun is there in Volcano Eruption. The heading of the article is  “Volcano in Iceland – Amazing Photos!” This heading is also surprising to me. How can one say that those  are amazing photographs.

Anyway enjoy these photographs of volcano.


About Ravindra Koshti
I am an Electrical Engineer having experience of 32 years in service & retired from service recently. I like to write poems since my childhood. I used to write poems in Marathi my mother tounge and Hindi also.

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