To let a house!!!

anybody interested in this house?



Volcano Eruption in Iceland.

Since last about one month a volcano which is sleeping since last about 200 years is now awakened and whole world came under surprise. Almost all flights going to European countries and passing over them have stopped on their  position. The world is facing problem of plane parking. I think this might be the first event in the world. No one might have thought about such situation. Anyway. One  most surprising thing is that this Volcano erupted in Iceland, the land of Ice which is so cold. I can’t imagine what has happened to the ice surrounding the volcano eruption land. It might have melted and merged into sea. This might increase the sea level.

I got photographs of this volcano from site. I can’t understand what fun is there in Volcano Eruption. The heading of the article is  “Volcano in Iceland – Amazing Photos!” This heading is also surprising to me. How can one say that those  are amazing photographs.

Anyway enjoy these photographs of volcano.

Never be………

Always be the reason of someone’s  happiness.

Never be just a part of it.

Be a part of someone’s sadness.

But never be the reason for it.

Future Buildings

Friends the population on the earth is day by day increasing. One day it will happen that there will not be any space to live and to walk on this earth. It think thats why our scientist are searching space for us on any other planet in this universe.

Anyway but now future building will be live one. They will not be standstill. They can rotate and we feel the aliveness. you just see the video I found on you tube. Enjoy it cause don’t what will happen in future.


A banyan tree

spreads itself widely

suck water from deep soil

spreads roots

to keep itself live

for hundreds of years

stands in all season without

any trouble

even if its rain, summer or winter

for what

for protecting men from sunlight

for protecting men from heavy rain

for protecting earth soil to wash out

due to heavy rain

for protecting others

How the banyan tree sacrifices its life

for hundreds of years

for others

What a sacrifice!!!

Big Sacrifice

An excellent Message.

A bird sitting on a tree isn’t afraid of the branch breaking or shaking, because the Bird trust NOT the branches but its OWN WINGS! Believe in yourself & get ready to fly

Bird_on_a_Cherry_Tree_Branch( Google Image)