A beautiful SMS

Past is


present is


Future is


Use your Experience

in your Experiment,

to achive your



About Ravindra Koshti
I am an Electrical Engineer having experience of 32 years in service & retired from service recently. I like to write poems since my childhood. I used to write poems in Marathi my mother tounge and Hindi also.

4 Responses to A beautiful SMS

  1. akshay hire says:

    thikthak aahe . changli nahi parantu vaithi nahi. 3/10 mi deto . because you or anyone having sucsess the many things are important in india. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS YOUR POSE AND PARSILITY. TALENT IS NESSESARY BUT THAT TWO THINGS ARE MOST IMPORTANT __AUTHER AKSHAY HIRE (STATE LEADER OF MAHARASHTRA AND PROFESSIONAL WRITER)

  2. ravindra says:

    thank you for good compliments.

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