The Moments of My Life

My life

is fully covered

by white fog,

the dark white fog of the moments

of my life;

the sad moments,

the moments

I lived with you.

Now I feel

all pages of

my life

have become white

and the

ink used by The Writer

of my life

also became white.


no one

can read

the moments of my life

written by Him.


He is using

White ink to write

The Moments of My Life.


A beautiful SMS

Past is


present is


Future is


Use your Experience

in your Experiment,

to achive your


Life after man

When life of man on the earth ends, I mean to say when no human being survives on this planet earth what will  happen. Who will be the living body on the earth. This is what imagined and pictured in this video. Its horrible, its dangerous.