Life is The Life

I dreamed a dream yesterday night,
I saw I had been to a deep forest,
I saw myself alone sitting under a huge tree,
I saw myself thinking, thinking and thinking,
After deep thinking I realized that
Life is The Life,
Life is Precious,
Life is Valuable,
Hence we must live life
As how He want us to live on His Earth,
We must leave only when He want us to leave,
After realisation
I came back to the real life to Live
and not to Leave
And suddenly I woke up and found myself in my real life in my home,


About Ravindra Koshti
I am an Electrical Engineer having experience of 32 years in service & retired from service recently. I like to write poems since my childhood. I used to write poems in Marathi my mother tounge and Hindi also.

4 Responses to Life is The Life

  1. Simply Poet says:

    Sir ,

    check out

    World’s first multilingual poetry portal

    do post there as you may be depriving a lot of people the opportunity to appreciate your beautiful creations.



  2. james_james7817 says:

    true enough…..

  3. Ravindra says:

    Thanks a lot James.

  4. wow wonderful poem…. all your poems are with a good meaning..

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