Remebrance of Tsunami 2004.

On 26 of December 2004 due to earthquake in Indian Ocean near Indonesia tsunami waves destroyed not only in Indonesia but hits also eastern side of India. Lakhs of people suffered and thousands were found dead. You can realize huge waves emerged from the sea that time after seeing this video.

How to protect tsunami from hitting the coastal areas. I found on net walls being constructed on the sea face. I myself think and found that it may be better to return these waves in the sea. To return, a wall in the shape of waves can be constructed. The wall of my dream is as given in the sketch below. This theme of mine was published in Local Marathi News paper. The heavy waves after hitting the wall try to return back in the sea at the lowest wave shape. Some 20-30 percent effect might be reduced. Then the the second shape of the wall will return some effect back in to sea. This way according to my own thinking the waves will be controlled at the coastal area and loss due to tsunami may be minimized.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all the friends of mine scattered all over  the world.

Google image

Global Warming

Everybody knows that now-a-days the most hot issue of discussion all over the world is Global Warming. Temperature of the earth is increasing as per scientist of the world. Almost Every fortnight conference is being held in any corner of the world. Some days ago  Maldiv arranged a conference of ministers under the sea. It was to attract the attention of the world towards their land of Maldiv. I don’t know any body had attracted toward the news. I don’t know whether anybody had taken any lesson from that news.

Today another news flashes  on the news channel. The ministry of Nepal arranged conference at Everest in Himalaya. It was because their country is at high altitude. Ultimately the porpuse of both these incidence are saving our beautiful earth, a gift given by his almighty. I think now the people of the world may wake up and start deep thinking on this issue of global warming and not only start thinking but act on it.

I pray the god for it.

New on

Today when I entered in I found some white dots coming from top and vanishing in the bottom of the screen. It was looking nice to the eyes. It was like snow fall. At first glance I thought that it might be something wrong with my PC. Again and again I tried and found the same situation. Then I thought it might be some special feature introduced by for hearty welcome of the forthcoming Christmas season. What I thought might be correct. If anybody knew it please inform through comment.