We know that smoking is injurious to health

We also know that health is wealth

still we can’t quite smoking cause

we don’t understand

We know the results we receive from smoking

We know we might be caught

by dangerous cancer

Still we dont know why we can’t quite smoking

We know we can live short life

We know we can’t survive for long

Still we don’t know why we can’t quite smoking


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My age

I still remember

during my childhood

I used to climb on the hills

nearby my township.

not simply climb but

running  & reaching to the top

in fraction of time.

The hills were then full of plants and trees.

I still remember,  I used to run

through a narrow route

between the bushes and grass

I was afraid of the

tigers and other animals

in the dense forest.

Now I realize that

I cannot not climb any more

on the hills nearby my township

which are now empty

without any trees and bushes,

cause I am now old enough.

My dear

Oh my dear,

will you please come here,

without any  fear,

oh my dear.

See my hearts layer

only  you are  there

with full of love & dear

oh my dear.

See your face in my eyes

with glare,

See it with eyes bare

Oh my dear

I still love you

without fear.

Oh my dear.


During my childhood I remember I saw a scientific dream. Its theme is such that there is one mirror placed in the space by scientists. The purpose of it is ther should not happen any night on our planet earth. This is for avoiding darkness and saving energy which is used maximum during night hours.  We all know that on one side of earth there is day time at the same time there is night hours on the other side. Hence the unique mirror  is so located in the space, it should change direction.

I will miss you

During last night

I was sitting in the garden

When I looked in the sky

I saw your image

in the stars.

And I realised that

I still cought not forget you

I missed you a lot

Your image is still

hiden in my heart

I am sorry but

I am unable to forget

and forgive you

The whole life

I will miss you.

We the people

We the people

We like our children

never other’s

We like others wives

never ours

We like others proffesion

never ours

We like others homes

never ours.