Simple tips in life( A collection)

Have faith in the power of your body and soul.

I am possesing a personnel diary of the year 1994, wherein I found the day-to-day tips on life. The name of the writer is not mentioned therein. I must thank to the anonymous writer who wrote these tips.   I am reproducing them here below. Please read and give your  valuable response.

  1. Give less importance to smaller interests in comparision to bigger interests.
  2. One develops  fondness for the thing earned through hard work
  3. Never try to hide or weaken the truth.
  4. The success of every task depends, to a large extent, on discipline.
  5. Reform yourself  instead of others.
  6. The leaders should be selfless, dedicated and truthful.
  7. One should keep trying to overcome one’s weaknesses.
  8. Do not affix your signature on any paper before you have read it.
  9. Knowledge cannot be digested without destroying egoism.
  10. Man was born for rendering service.
  11. truth may be belatedly, always prevails.
  12. If you have to be harsh, be so to yourself, not to others.
  13. Sentiment and substance are more important than the form and the word.
  14. Hatred and jealously should be conquered by love.
  15. Never giveup truth; give up falsehood.
  16. The real beauty lies not in the ornaments, but in the qualities.
  17. Credibility is the basic condition of every work.
  18. Wealth is merely a means to benevolence.
  19. Be fearless.
  20. Natural wealth is the primary source, money is secondary.

Save Water

Water is life

live it.

Water is precious

don’t ignore it.

Water is valuable

don’t underestimate it.


Oh God

Oh God

The kind God

Please accept my pray

and forgive your children

the innocent children

who committed nuisance


gave trouble to the others

Oh God

The Kind God