The Mother

Thanks to  The God

The Great God,

The Kind God,

Who gave all of us,

every one on this earth,

a Mother,

beautiful  & lovable mother

the only mother,

who showed us this colorful

and beautiful earth

by giving birth

on this earth.

The Mother

Who loves us,

her children

by heart

Who irrigate our life

to survive

on this earth the beautiful earth.


About Ravindra Koshti
I am an Electrical Engineer having experience of 32 years in service & retired from service recently. I like to write poems since my childhood. I used to write poems in Marathi my mother tounge and Hindi also.

5 Responses to The Mother

  1. surya says:

    who showed us this colorful

    and beautiful earth

    really nice lines..

  2. gospelheralder says:

    The mother is like the dad and the mother and dad are like the grass. It is here only for a short time and gone to be remembered no more after a generation is gone. The earth is Gods foot stool and will also like man and mother will be gone and be no more. Who is it that is the greatest of all people and things? It is God and it is God that is to be praised not man, woman, child or anything upon this earth for it will be as we will all become. That is passed away.

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