Reality Show

Now a days when we click on remote control of TV we can see any program me of reality show running there.  Almost every channel is showing at least one reality show. I don’t if any one used to watch these programs. I think TV channel should before starting any reality show should get its survey done. so money can not be wasted on the show. Now-a-days a show “perfect bride” is running. I think big show of Big Boss-3 is being stated shortly.

Have we thought about the real reality show we are playing everyday. No no one thought about it. Actually the life we are living is also a reality show. There The God is our Big Boss who indirectly control our daily living activities. We can only do what he wants from us. He only decides when we should come on the stage of the earth and when we must go back behind the stage. Realy He is Great. The Great Boss of all of us.


The Mother

Thanks to  The God

The Great God,

The Kind God,

Who gave all of us,

every one on this earth,

a Mother,

beautiful  & lovable mother

the only mother,

who showed us this colorful

and beautiful earth

by giving birth

on this earth.

The Mother

Who loves us,

her children

by heart

Who irrigate our life

to survive

on this earth the beautiful earth.


I and The Life

I always  think about me

What am I ?

I also  think about my life

What is it?

But I never get the answer,

What for I am here

on this beautiful earth?

I never get the answer,

What  for the life is given to me

by The Kind God?

Even though I am confused

I am enjoying life

On this earth, the beautiful earth

Created by the God

The almighty.

Laughter is……….

Whenever I get time,

I used to think about life,

What is life?

Life is an air bubble,

Which is here a short-while ago

and burst within no time,

Can you imagine,

How long the life of   bubble last

No, never.

And hence

I decided

to live life

with full enjoyment

with love.

You know someone said

” Laughter  is the best medicine”.

Yes, laughter is the best medicine

I conclude

Love the life


Live the life.

let the others too

live the life

with laughter, love and joy


” Laughter is the best medicine”